Sunrises and Sunsets

Sunrises and sunsets are nature’s free shows to be enjoyed by all.  With a little bit of planning, you can time your morning or evening walks to watch these events….especially when you are on vacation near beaches and mountains.  I am an early riser, especially when I travel.  I am sharing some of the photos I have taken using my iPhone camera over the last few years here.  I will continue to update this post as I take more photos during my travels.



Sunrise over Charleston, SC viewed from the cruise terminal next to the Water Front Park  (November 2015)


An early morning walk in Charleston, SC from the Battery Park to the Waterfront Park and Cruise Terminal is a great way to enjoy the sunrise while passing some of the historic points.  The moon was still shinning when I stared at 6:30 AM on a late November morning.  The eastern sky was starting to light up slowly.  The moon was still up over the western sky at 8:10 AM over the Pineapple fountain (Water Front Park), but the sun was starting to peak up over the eastern skyline.   Within 5 minutes (by 8:15 AM), the sun had come out in all its glory. Time to head back to the hotel along another interesting route….there are no shortages for finding interesting walks in Charleston.

Sunrise over Sullivan Island - November 2015.JPG

Sunrise over Sullivan’s Island (near Charleston), SC in November 2015.



Sunrise in Nagshead 2015.JPG

Sunrise over Nags Head beach in  Outer Banks, NC on a cloudy morning. It almost seemed like the sun was refusing to wakeup (July 2015).



Sunrise over Edisto Beach at the Edisto Beach State Park (August 2015) located an hour south of Charleston, SC.  I am puzzled why I see two suns in my second iPhone photo taken almost at the same time as the first on this cloudy morning.  It is a state beach, so no hangover effect either for me or my iPhone!

Sunrise from airplane - August 2015.jpg

Sunrise from an airplane somewhere over the Midwest on a flight from Charlotte to Detroit (August 2015).  There was cloud cover and the plane was going over the clouds, and the sun was coming above the clouds.



Sunrise over the Nevada desert viewed from Amtrak’s West-bound California Zephyr train (June 2016).



Sunrise in North Myrtle Beach, SC in August 2016.  Hotels and resorts lining the shoreline on the background.



Sun rising up between Palmetto trees near  Edisto Beach State Park, SC (September 2016).  The inlet at this location (Shell Island) connects the waters of the Atlantic Ocean with the salt marshes.



Sun partially showing up in the midst of clouds at Shell Island near Edisto Beach State Park, SC (September 2016).  A lone tree at this stretch of beach appears to be similar to the dead trees  along the Boneyard Beach at Botany Bay Wildlife Preserve.  Actually, walking along this shore for few miles, one can reach the Boneyard Beach.


Sunrise visible on I-85 North near Spencer, NC (2017).



2015-07-12 163

Sunset over the Albemarle Sound viewed from the sand dunes in the Jockeys Ridge State Park in Outer Banks, NC (July 2015).  You can join the crowd to fly kites (from the nearby Kitty Hawk Kites)  while enjoying the sunset.


Sunset in Corolla.JPG

Sunset over the Currituck Sound in Corolla (Outer Banks, NC) near the Currituck Beach Lighthouse.  This is a popular spot for kiteboarding (July 2015).


2015-11-28 Sunset from USS Yorktown Charleston.JPG

Sunset over the City of Charleston viewed from USS Yorktown, Patriots Point Naval Museum, Mt. Pleasant, SC (November 2015).


Sunset in Moonshine Beach Cambria 2016.JPG

Sunset over the Pacific viewed from Moonshine Beach in Cambria, CA (June 2016).  I stopped at Cambria for the night while driving the Pacific Coast Highway.



Sunset over the salt marshes in Edisto Island, SC in September 2016. We camped  with friends at the Edisto Beach State Park twice over the last two years… way to enjoy nature, watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and have fun at the beach.


Sunset from airplane - August 2016.jpg

Sunset from an airplane on my way back from Toronto to Charlotte in August 2016.



Sunset from an airplane from Atlanta over the eastern US in July 2017.



Sunset over Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka (August 2017)



Sunset over the historic Galle Fort in Sri Lanka in August 2017.  Quite a popular spot with tourists and wedding photographers to capture the sunset.


More photos of the changing scenery during the sunset at the Galle Fort over the Indian Ocean in Sri Lanka.  These photos were taken within a 15-minute window as a tropical storm was approaching.

Useful Tips:

  1. Use you weather app on phone to easily get sunrise and sunset times to plan viewing.
  2. Go to an open area for clear views.
  3. Late fall and winter are the most favored times in most parts of the United States.
  4. Sunrises and sunsets tend to be more beautiful with at least a few clouds.

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